Rebel, this is your time

Rebel, this is your time

You who would not take it anymore

You who would stand up for freedom and liberty

Like you have done ALL your life

Just like when you were 6 years old and….

Mummy wouldn’t give you the cookie until you tied your shoes

You are wise to the mechanizations of control

You are steeped in the science of virology

You have “done your research” online and are now an expert on a wide variety of scientific subjects

You will not let THEM put that stuff into YOUR body

Or to wear THEIR mask of evil

You will resist and rebel

You will huddle with like-minded soldiers of the rebellion in “working-class” themed craft beer bars, yoga studios and “retro” cafes

You recall the strength of your individual awakened SELF that you experienced long ago…

Like when Daddy bought you that new Porsche on your 16th birthday

You are the gym-selfie taking, modern-day yoga practicing Martin Luther King

You stand in the footsteps of Ghandi

You channel Nelson Mandela

You are a reincarnated George Washington!

Stand Up, Stand Strong and Be Proud…

So, go oo, join the Proud Boyz or at least visit their website and share their tik tok videos

Make new fake masculine poser friends at Trump and corporate-sponsored motorcycle rallies

Rebel, this is your time

Published by Theloonius

A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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