Donald Trump for Pope

Catholics of the world, UNITE!! Let’s do this! First, HE rose to the occasion, and our great leader, Donald J. Trump vanquished the liberals and became the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and maybe even the UNIVERSE. With HIS Divine Wisdom leding our shipContinue reading “Donald Trump for Pope”

Real American Pillows

Tired of those drab, boring “mainstream” pillow cases?? Following the overwhelming success of our Real American Masks, worn everywhere from the trendiest yoga studios to the baddest rebel motorcycle clubs and tattoo parlors, we will soon be expanding to pillow cases to cover your soft Mike Lindell patriotic pillows. Turn your ordinary pillow into aContinue reading “Real American Pillows”

Eat Christian Food

We, the Real Americans, know that only blessed food such as Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, American cheese, Dairy Queen, Corn Flakes and other food that REAL non-city dwelling Americans eat is Christian. Other food may look and sound interesting – but it is FOREIGN and EVIL!! curry? kabab? sushi? This is food for the NWO satanic maskContinue reading “Eat Christian Food”

Sustainable Products made by Sustainable People

At Real American Masks, we believe strongly in purity, sustainability and holistically nurtured values. All our masks are produced cloned replicates on the outskirts of large cities in Asia. We care about their lives and give them hope in their future with free English lessons provided by Christian missionaries from America! We also help ourContinue reading “Sustainable Products made by Sustainable People”

Christian Observer on masks

The Christian Observer published this very astute observation on the wearing of masks and their link to the OCCULT – that hidden words of demons and witchcraft!! I’m not sure what they say about wearing socks, but that is another story. So masks are OCCULT and contain hidden meaning!! There are multiple references in theContinue reading “Christian Observer on masks”

Tucker Carlson, Freedom Fighter

Tucker Carlson of Fox News, former bow-tie fashion model and current working-class freedom fighter wants you to get angry about facemasks. Tucker knows what’s best and is just asking questions. He reports from an authentic American log cabin. Get Angry Americans – the angrier you get, the more attention you give little Tucker and theContinue reading “Tucker Carlson, Freedom Fighter”

Protect Yourself from Moloch with a Satanic Mask

It is well known that Democrats worship Moloch – the baby eating god of the Canaanites. This is documented here by this well-written article by David Crowe on the patriotic website Restore America. David Crowe graduated from a university and is freshly shaved and well-dressed in a suit so he is smart. David Crowe startedContinue reading “Protect Yourself from Moloch with a Satanic Mask”