You Can’t Call Us Racist

Here at Real American Masks, where we support real american stuff, we are not racists and how dare the libtarded university gender-bender elite call us RACIST! You CANT DO IT ANYMORE!! Because we now have black-skinned candidates for Senate and Governor!! So shut up and shove it. You can try to call us backwards andContinue reading “You Can’t Call Us Racist”

Lauren Bobert, REAL American Patriot

Lauren Bobert is a REAL American Patriot. Lauren Bobert knows that the following things are REAL American: guns, trucks, beer, burgers, professional wrestling, bragging, bullying Lauren Bobert knows that these things are anti-American and tools of the Communist LEFT: universities, bicycles, tea, swimming, acceptance of diversity, jazz music, vegetables

In Defense of Tradition and Purity

In honoring the history of our Great Nation founded by great men of Anglo heritage, whose pure and clear minds, like their pure and clean bodies, we call together those who value tradition and stability. We don’t like to see things change. We like them to stay the same, thank you. Or, if things doContinue reading “In Defense of Tradition and Purity”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Patriots! ….and Lets Go Brandon! As we celebrate the most traditional and authentic of American of holidays – Thanksgiving – lets take a moment to Give Thanks! We Thank: OUR TROOPS – who serve in the American armed forces (especially the nice looking white ones who sign up to serve because they mayContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Kyle Rittenhouse, Patriot

A young man and his gun, acting out of courage and patriotic enthusiam for the three colors that excite him like a cheetah in heat, acted in self-defense when he shot a libtard at a protest. Honor his act with a genuine branded RAM – “Open-Carry = Self-Defense” facemask. Lets see more brave Americans carryingContinue reading “Kyle Rittenhouse, Patriot”