God, Guns, and Trump

This is a Rallying Cry!

Like our Forefathers who came before….

and wrote those cherished words of OUR Constitution,

We, the Real American Patriots, come forth to Stand Firm for the New York real-estate developer, World Wrestling showman, and TV

Him who, against ALL odds, defeated the forces of EVIL, the Deep State, the WOKE Media, the Universities and schools who groom and indoctrinator our children with THEIR so-called “education”

Say HIS Name!

Donald J. Trump

Our Lord, Our Savior.

“Donald Trump, I will die for you!!”

Wokeism vs America

Who is our real enemy?

Its Woke-ism and its preachers!

Those who want us to wake up to the injustice – are anti0American.

We need to protect and maintain the system and preserve the culture against its non-patriot enemies because if we don’t – it will blow up the world.

Do your part!

Wear clothes, hats, pins with USA flags and Uncle Sam.

We love Uncle Sam.

It means stuff.

We Must Rise Up!

In defense of our Messiah – whose Florida Sanctuary of Justice has now been sullied by the filth of the satanic deep state pedophile FBI and their MINIONS!

Patriots Unite!

We will not let this stand!

Grab Your Guns and in the name of Holy Jesus Christ defend the TV billionaire clown for the sake of the country!

Celebrate the returning of our Savior Donald J. Trump, who was born in New York, persecuted by the DEEP STATE and its liberal minions, and who shall, with the grace of Almighty God, resurrect America and begin a new dawn of righteous Christian Nationalism!

REAL Men for Trump

We are REAL American men.

We like NFT football, beer, strip clubs, motorcycles, tattoos.

We are TUFF.

We know that Donald Trump was our guy because he knows how to talk tuff and has lots of money or at least appears to. Real men have money. Only wimps are poor.

Trump knows what to tell them dirty immigrants, exotic Moslems, and niggers complaining about being murdered by police.

We gather at meetings of like-minded tuff guys to tickle each others nuts, squeeze hairy butt-cheeks suspended in thick denim overalls, and whisper the latest MAGA gossip distributed by our media heroes.

Tucker, Gaetz, Lauren….and of course, Donald. We love them because they are so tuff and so American.

Trump was born within the territory of the United States so he is PURE and one of US. He is also very white (although tanned) and has a hot wife. What a guy!

We Are the True Christians

Jesus loved freedom….and guns.

Jesus owned lots of guns.

But he refused to protect himself when arrested by the Deep State and brought before the Roman prosector because….

Jesus wanted to become governor.

Jesus hated the poor and throught they should pull themselves up by their own fucking bootstraps.

Jesus wanted to be tougher on crime and imprison more prostitures and drug users.

Jesus loved low taxes because he could buy more stuff….like a nice car with a vanity license plate with colored lights.

Jesus knew that the real goal of life is comfort and pleasure – enjoying your stuff.

Jesus knew that this liberal woke insistence on discovering truth is the work of Satan.

It is only with Jesus’ strength and guiding hand, that you are free to believe whatever you want. Anyone who tries to tell you different – (often mentioning atheistic ideas of science and evidence) is a messenger from the Dark Side! Be Warned!

Modern American Patriots

We want you to believe us.

We want you to watch us.

Give Us your Attention.

Listen to our Truth.

Trust Us.

Make us rich and famous.

Tucker Carlson – crusader for the American common man, he put away his bow-tie to fight for YOU!

Ted Cruz – great smiler and greater warrior – disrupting the maniacal mechanisms of the Deep State by reading Dr. Seuss to Congress.

Josh Hawley

  1. Lindsey Graham

Steve Bannon – Wildman fighter for Liberty! Another Ivy League-educated rebel who came down from the elite to defend average American victims from their own elected government.

  1. Mitch McConnell – a calculating human-sized flaccid bespectacled penis, Mitch has been calmly reading out