REAL Men for Trump

We are REAL American men.

We like NFT football, beer, strip clubs, motorcycles, tattoos.

We are TUFF.

We know that Donald Trump was our guy because he knows how to talk tuff and has lots of money or at least appears to. Real men have money. Only wimps are poor.

Trump knows what to tell them dirty immigrants, exotic Moslems, and niggers complaining about being murdered by police.

We gather at meetings of like-minded tuff guys to tickle each others nuts, squeeze hairy butt-cheeks suspended in thick denim overalls, and whisper the latest MAGA gossip distributed by our media heroes.

Tucker, Gaetz, Lauren….and of course, Donald. We love them because they are so tuff and so American.

Trump was born within the territory of the United States so he is PURE and one of US. He is also very white (although tanned) and has a hot wife. What a guy!

Published by Theloonius

A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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