We Are the True Christians

Jesus loved freedom….and guns.

Jesus owned lots of guns.

But he refused to protect himself when arrested by the Deep State and brought before the Roman prosector because….

Jesus wanted to become governor.

Jesus hated the poor and throught they should pull themselves up by their own fucking bootstraps.

Jesus wanted to be tougher on crime and imprison more prostitures and drug users.

Jesus loved low taxes because he could buy more stuff….like a nice car with a vanity license plate with colored lights.

Jesus knew that the real goal of life is comfort and pleasure – enjoying your stuff.

Jesus knew that this liberal woke insistence on discovering truth is the work of Satan.

It is only with Jesus’ strength and guiding hand, that you are free to believe whatever you want. Anyone who tries to tell you different – (often mentioning atheistic ideas of science and evidence) is a messenger from the Dark Side! Be Warned!

Published by Theloonius

A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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