Eat Christian Food

We, the Real Americans, know that only blessed food such as Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, American cheese, Dairy Queen, Corn Flakes and other food that REAL non-city dwelling Americans eat is Christian. Other food may look and sound interesting – but it is FOREIGN and EVIL!! curry? kabab? sushi? This is food for the NWO satanic mask wearing democrats!!

And by the way, what the fuck is RICE?

Vaccines ARE NOT FOOD – so why would you put them in YOUR BODY? Your body is a sacred temple so you should know that only purely processed value meals are safe and clean.

Like real CHRISTIAN meals that come with fries and your choice of drink!

Keep those hippie vegetables, “ethnic” food with rice and satanic vaccine poison out of your system and DO NOT SUBMIT to the wearing of the Satanic Mask!!

Published by Theloonius

A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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