Christian Observer on masks

The Christian Observer published this very astute observation on the wearing of masks and their link to the OCCULT – that hidden words of demons and witchcraft!!

I’m not sure what they say about wearing socks, but that is another story.

So masks are OCCULT and contain hidden meaning!! There are multiple references in the Bible to the dangers of masks and the people who wear them that are discussed in the Christian Observer article below.

DO NOT submit!

Stand Your Ground!

But if you are going to wear a mask, buy one of these satanic masks – to get under the radar of the New World Order – haha – like the Hillary Clinton mask or the Bill Gates mask so you can give THEM a piece of your mind and show THEM that you know what THEY are up to.

You aren’t stupid. You are wise to their occult mechanizations. THEY cannot make a fool of YOU!!

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