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God, Guns, and Trump

This is a Rallying Cry! Like our Forefathers who came before…. and wrote those cherished words of OUR Constitution, We, the Real American Patriots, come forth to Stand Firm for the New York real-estate developer, World Wrestling showman, and TV Him who, against ALL odds, defeated the forces of EVIL, the Deep State, the WOKE…

Wokeism vs America

Who is our real enemy? Its Woke-ism and its preachers! Those who want us to wake up to the injustice – are anti0American. We need to protect and maintain the system and preserve the culture against its non-patriot enemies because if we don’t – it will blow up the world. Do your part! Wear clothes,…

Real Men Go Tanning

What do real MEN do? They don’t drink alcohol. Or play silly sports. Or make truthful statements. They delicately manufacture their public image – and show off a nice Florida -orange glow.


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